〇Short wavelength 660nm, 780nm, 820nm and 850nm ,
〇measurement model ideal for POF fiber measurement
〇Compatible with various short wavelength optical links such as
〇Sumi-link and Tos-link
〇Relative measurement (dB)
〇Automatic offset correction (ZERO SET) function
〇Analog output, auto / manual range, data hold function
Plug-in light source (optional) for loss test set

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205A 短波長用

Calibration certificate service (Option)

We can issue a calibration certificate when you buy our product. Feel free to ask us a quotation, if it is necessary.


Calibrated Wavelengths 660nm , 780nm , 820nm , 850nm
Measuring Range -60 ~ +10dBm (1nW ~ 10mW) , 7ranges
Uncertainty ±3% (k=2) 850nm , -20dBm , 23±5℃
Analog Output 0 ~ 3.2V
Built-in sensor Si Photo diode(8mm dia.)
Plug-in Light source LED Light Source Unit (optional)
Resolution 0.1dB (dBm , dB)
Fiber Type POF , PCF , HPCF , GI
Connector SC(180-SC) standard , others are optional
Functions W/dBm/dB(REL),Auto/Manual ranging,Data Hold,Built-in light source unit (optional)
Display 3-1/2digit LCD(3200 counts)
Power supply Battery(AA)/4 pcs . or optional AC adapter
Battery life approx. 150 hours (Light source OFF, AlkalinePanasonic LR6(G) )
Operating Environment -10 to +50˚C, ≤80%RH (without condensation)
Dimensions/Weight 90(W)×160(H)×40(D)mm,430g(incl. batteries)
Accessories Connector Adapter(180-SC:2pcs), AA Batteries(4pcs), Portable Case, Blank-Module(plug-in),2P Pplug 3.5mm,Shading Cap

It can also be used as a light source device by using an optional light source unit. Both the blank module and light source unit can be attached and detached by simply operating the lever. Installation is easy.