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In addition to domestic and overseas procurement of semiconductor electronic parts, sales of chassis and various general circuit mechanism parts,

We also sell various cables and all products of the group Hakuto Co., Ltd.

Fluorine resin

Fluorine resin wire-Juflon communication cable assembly

・Fluorine resin wire-Juflon communication cable assembly( 潤工社、品川電線、坂東電線、日興電線)

Junkosha JMCA Junflon® Microwave Coaxial Cable Assembly
Transmission and implementation in the microwave band.
JMCA increases density without difficulty.


Communication cable DFS series

Communication cable DFS series
・ Junflon high frequency coaxial cable DFS series (FEP dielectric)

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Junflon Device wiring cable

Junflon wire for equipment wiring (PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA)
Junflon Electric Wire for Equipment Wiring has high reliability such as electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics required for high-density wiring, and is widely used for internal wiring of electrical and electronic equipment.
Has a wide continuous use temperature.
PTFE: -253 to + 260 ° C (Conductor plating is NA when used at 200 ° C or higher)
Combustion and low smoke generation.
It is not affected by most chemicals and solvents.
Electrical characteristics are stable over a wide temperature range and frequency range.
Good weather resistance.
There is little change over time in characteristics, and long-term use is possible.
Junflon wire for equipment wiring (PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PFA)


Junflon ETFE wire for wrapping

For wrapping
Junflon ETFE wire for wrapping
With a thin finish and high cut-through resistance, it is used for wrapping wiring inside computers, etc., which helps to reduce size and weight and improve reliability.
A version for the CSMW (Cut & Strip Modified Wire Wrap) tool that cuts and strips wires simultaneously is also available.
Suitable for high density devices.
Good balance between electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics makes mounting work easy.
Junflon ETFE electric wire for wrapping

Flexible wire


Porous TFE is used as an insulator, and it has added flexibility while maintaining the characteristics of PTFE wires.
Electrical characteristics, temperature characteristics, weather resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, etc. are the same as PTFE wires.
Flexibility is stable over a wide range.
Since plasticizers and fillers are not included, there is almost no change over time or generation of toxic gases.
The conductor also uses flexible stranded wire made of highly oxygen-free annealed copper wire.
Junflon Flexible PTFE wire UL style No.1684 ・ No.5146

Semiconductors,Mechanism Part

Product Information-Domestic and Overseas Semiconductor Devices, General Circuit Mechanism Parts

We handle many parts manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

<Semiconductor: All overseas products>

ANALOG DEVICES , HARTING , BOURNS , Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
TEXAS INSTRUMENT , Infineon Technologies AG , ON Semiconductor , Intel (Altera)
Microtips Technology , VISHAY , Micron Technology, Inc. , XILINX , STMicroelectronics
Maxim Integrated , Mini – Circuits

<Semiconductor: Domestic products>

YAMAHA , ROHM , RENESAS , 旭化成エレクトロニクス – Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM)


【Multilayer ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, resistors, coils, OS capacitors, etc.】







【Crystal oscillator, crystal oscillator】




【Various switches】



Bus system

【VME bus, C-PCI bus, Multibus II, STD bus, ISA bus, PCI bus, etc.】




【Ceramic substrates (SiC, Si3N4, etc.) Universal substrates, various conversion sockets】



Power supply

【Switching power supply】




【IC socket, coaxial connector, audio connector, square connector, FC connector, DIN connector,

Half pitch connector, round connector, interface connector, other connectors】




【Solder mounting tools, various tools for weak electricity, lapping, general mounting tools, BGA mounting tools, chemical products】




Laird Technology

【EMI gaskets, heat countermeasure parts, antenna / receiver products】


Laird Technology





Product Guide- Gel-Pak® Precise parts and parts storage and transport cases

AD series

Gel-Pak’s Gel-Box (AD, AV Series) is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our proprietary Gel or non-silicone Vertec elastomer applied directly to the bottom. These versatile “pocketless” carriers immobilize devices during shipping, handling and processing. The Gel-Box (AD, AV Series) is intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded using a vacuum pen, tweezers or fingers and unloaded using tweezers or fingers.

<Case type>

C: Black
(electrostatic countermeasure product)
T: Transparent
(non-electrostatic countermeasure product)
CAS: Translucent
(electrostatic countermeasure product)

<Gel retention>

X0: Standard
X4: Medium
X5: Medium
X8: Strong

BD series

Gel-Pak’s Gel-Tray product (BD, BV Series) consists of a 2″ x 2″ pocketless plastic tray stored inside a plastic hinged box. Gel-Pak’s proprietary Gel or Vertec elastomer is applied directly to the surface of the plastic tray. Similar to Gel-Boxes, the Gel-Tray products are normally intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded using a vacuum pen, tweezers or fingers and unloaded using tweezers or fingers.

CD series

Gel-Pak’s Gel-Slide (CD Series) consists of a 2″ x 2″ pocketless glass slide stored in a plastic hinged box. Gel-Pak’s proprietary Gel coating is applied directly to the surface of the glass slide. The Gel-Slide product is intended for manual applications in which devices are loaded and unloaded using tweezers or fingers.
The Gel-Slide can be used in applications up to 220°C for extended periods of time. The Gel-Slide is designed for higher temperature applications such as bonding and reflow where a plastic tray will not work. The CD glass slides are also ideal for back side inspection due to their optical clarity.

VR series: (2 inch, 4 inch)

This extremely versatile “pocketless” tray securely holds fragile devices including bare die during shipping, handling and processing. It is ideal for high-volume pick and place applications.
The surface of the VR carrier uses a proprietary Gel or non-silicone Vertec™ film membrane over a mesh material to hold components in place until they are released by applying vacuum to the underside of the tray.

Membrane box

Membrane Boxes are recommended for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface which will not adhere to a Gel material. Membrane boxes are ideal for shipping 3-D objects such as Test Sockets, Optics, Prisms, Lenses and Crystals.

Gel-Pak contact information: 03-5807-6081