208 (NOT for Sale)

〇RS232C input / output port allows PC operation and data processing
〇Output test report to external portable printer
〇Compatible with plastic fiber by adapter conversion
〇Built-in light source unit (sold separately) can be used as a loss test set
〇Ni-MH rechargeable battery can be charged with AC adapter (sold separately)
〇GI, POF fiber measurement wavelength 660, 780, 820, 850nm

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「PC208A」power meter control program
RS232C control program

208 短波長用
Calibrated Wavelengths 660nm , 780nm , 820nm , 850nm
Measuring Range -60 ~ +10dBm (1nW ~ 10mW) , 7ranges
Uncertainty ±3%(±0.13dB、k=2)、850nm、-20dBm、23±5℃
Analog Output 0 ~ 3V
Interdace RS-232C
Built-in sensor Si Photo diode(8mm dia.)
Plug-in Light source LED Light Source Unit (optional)
Resolution 0.01dB(dBm、 dB)
Fiber Type POF , PCF , HPCF , GI
Connector SC(180-SC) standard , others are optional
Functions Absolute value measurement (W / dBm), relative value measurement (REL), auto zero set, auto / manual range, data storage (64 data), data printing, remote operation, optional light source can be built in, average, data hold, lowest digit Blank, data backup when power is off
Display 4 1/2 digit LCD(30000 counts)
Power supply Battery (UM-3 size dry battery or secondary battery) x 4
or AC adapter sold separately
Battery life Approximately 100 hours (light source OFF, RS232C not connected,
alkaline battery Panasonic LR6 (G) used)
Battery charging time Approximately 10 hours (NiMH battery is charged with AC adapter)
usage environment -10 to + 50 ° C, 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions / weight 90 (W) x 160 (H) x 40 (D) mm, 430g (including batteries)
accessories Instruction manual , carrying case, connector adapter (180-SC) x 2, 3P φ2.5 plug (RS232C), 2P φ3.5 plug (analog output), battery UM-3 x 4, blank module, light- shielding cap
remarks PC connection cable is sold separately.
RS-232C cable(PC208-PCJC)
USB cable(PC208-USB)