〇Most suitable for LAN Installation / Maintenance
〇Equipped with a modescrambler, this unit allows for more stable measurements
〇Mini Powermeter / Mini light source in one set for LC connector​

MiNi 863B


Type『Qty』 MODEL
MiNi Power Meter×『1』 211B <Detail of 211B>
MiNI LED Light Source(850nm)×『1』 351 <Detail of 351>
MiNI LED Light Source(1310nm)×『1』 352 <Detail of 352>
Connector adapter (SC)×『3』 180-SC
Connector adapter (LC)×『1』 180-LC
Mode scrambler×『1』 100G <Detail of 100G>
Connecting adapter (SC-SC)×『1』 180-JSC
Connecting adapter (SC-LC)×『1』 180-JSC/LC
Carrying case (275 x 231 x 65mm)×『1』 199-CBM3