MiNi869B+Visible LD light source for short distance

〇Measurable 3 wavelengths (850/1310/1550nm) of single mode(SM) and multimode(MM).
〇Used as a loss test set with the relative value measurement (REL) function of the power meter.
〇Supports a wide range of measurement sites including optical network construction.
〇A visible LD light source 366A(Light is reachable to around 1km) is contained.
〇SC & LC adapters are contained.
〇Small Carrying case stores Mini series up to 4 unit
〇Model364 Fit Fiber : SM 10/125
〇Model368 Fit Fiber : GI 50/125 、GI 62.5/125




SC adapter is contained in MiNi211B,364 and 368

Type『Qty』 MODEL
MiNi Power Meter×『1』 211B <Detail of 211B>
Mini Dual LD Light Source(850/1310nm)×『1』 368 <Detail of 368>
Mini Dual LD Light Source(1310/1550nm)×『1』 364 <Detail of 364>
Visible LD Light Model for short distance×『1』 366 <Detail of 366>
Connector adapter (SC , for 211B)×『1』 180-SC
Connector adapter (LC , for 211B)×『1』 180-LC
Connector adapter (SC , for 364/368)×『2』 181-SC
Connector adapter (LC , for 364/368)×『2』 181-LC
LC (female) ⇆ SC (male) conversion adapter 180-CPLCSC
Carrying case (275 x 231 x 65mm)×『1』 199-CBM2