Multicore POF

・Plastic optical fiber with excellent flexibility.
・High durability is achieved with multi-core fiber, and
data transmission is possible even if a bend with a radius of 2 mm occurs instantaneously .

Model Multi Core POF
Equipment environment Indoor use only
Outline (mm) 4.35(W)x 2.2(D)mm
weight Approx. 20 g / m (when both ends are attached)
Fiber core wire Multi-core POF (Asahi Kasei Luminous acrylic resin)
connector JIS F07 compatible
Jacket Flame retardant PE
Allowable bending radius 4.0mm(normal)、2.0mm(instant)
Allowable tension 16kgf
Operating range Temperature:-40 to + 60 ° C,Humidity: 90% or less (no condensation)