Optical modem for RS232C

・ RS232C data transmission converter using D-Sub 25-pin connector and F07 optical fiber
・ Converter using optical fiber that is not affected by noise

RS 232C用モデム
Model RS2000 RS2001
Communication Premises line with optical cable Premises line with optical cable
Data transmission distance 30m (max) 200m (max)
RS232C Connector D-sub25 male (pin)/ D-sub25 female (receptacle) D-Sub25 male (pin)
Device type DTE-M(male)、DTE-F(female)、DCE-M(male)、DCE-F(female) DTE-M(male)、DCE-M(male)
Connector JIS F07 compatible JIS F07 compatible
Fiber Type POF Φ1.0 HPCF 200/230
Communication function Full / Half duplex Full / Half duplex
Communication speed 64kbps (max) 64kbps (max)
Power consumption DC5V、55mA DC5V、55mA
Material Made of plastic Made of plastic
Operating Environment -20~+70°C, ≤90RH (without condensation ) -20~+70°C, ≤90RH (without condensation )
Dimensions / weight 157.6 (L) X54.5 (W) x16 (H) mm. Approx.45g 157.6 (L) X54.5 (W) x16 (H) mm. Approx.45g
Accessories Power adapter (input AC100V 50 / 60Hz 8VA output DC8V 300mA cable length 1.8m)